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fifa hype

EA Sports have been maximising the #FIFA18 hype in the past couple of weeks. They produced ‘The Official Ratings Reveal’ video, which featured Ronaldo, Griezmann and more famous footballers, to further promote the game. It has had over 4.3 million views. This activation encouraged football clubs, players, influencers and fans to comment on the #FIFA18 ratings through their social channels. EA Sports also gifted early copies of FIFA18 to these key stakeholders to further increase chatter, including Chelsea.

Also adding to the FIFA hype, is how Coca-Cola have chosen a virtual character from FIFA 18, Alex Hunter, as their new brand ambassador for Coca Cola Zero Sugar. This could open up a whole new era of potential ambassador deals and increased commercialisation and revenue for EA, following their various brand tie-ups also featuring in NBA 2K18.

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